An independent contemporary dance company founded by Cecilia Lugo in 1986. Ever since its first performance in Mexico, at the Teatro de la Ciudad, it has strived ceaselessly, appearing at all the top forums of Mexico. Abroad, it has been invited to perform at major artistic festivals around the world: Germany, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Peru, Chile, Argentina and the Czech Republic.

Since its founding, it has created more than 40 choreographic works of varying formats, welcoming more than 100 professionals of the highest artistic level, such as Lila Downs, Oscar Oliva, Jaramar, Jarmila Dostálová, Joaquín López Chas, Xóchitl González, Leopoldo Novoa, Ricardo Ramírez, José Jorge Carreón, Ricardo Gallardo, Arturo Márquez, Alberto Castro Leñero, Jerildy Bosch, as well as a large number of ballerinas and danseurs, choreographers and teachers who have nurtured Contempodanza’s vitality with their experience, the stamp of continuity and excellence which has defined the company.
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