I Musici

In 1952, twelve young and promising italian musicians, mainly roman and mostly graduates of the master classes at the Accademia di Santa Ceacilia, got togeter "inter pares" to create a unique chamber orchestra comprising six violins, two violas, two cellos, one double bass and one harpschord, with the intention of revitalizing the string repertory, particulary that of the italian composers of the "settecento".

They choose the simple, yet nice, name I MUSICI and they deliberately decided to shape the ensemble without conductor, in order to establish among the twelve colleagues and friends, an egalitarian relationship thus bringing ti their rehearsals as well as to their concerts, a unanimous decision on technical and interpretative problems of the scores; a rather unconventional but unexpectedly suitable procedure. It was quite symbolic that Arturo Toscanini upon hearing them while they were rehersing in april 1952 at the italian Radio formulated the first enthusiastic reaction in front of journalists and musical personalities, even dedicating his portrait to the group with the words "bravi, bravissimi...no! la musica non muore".
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